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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Tuscan wine regions - year 2014

The weather and the vineyards in 2014

This 2014 is still uncertain regarding how much the weather is affecting the grape life and consequently the upcoming wine production.

In the passed days during my scenic wine tours in the Tuscan countryside I asked my friends wine makers about this vintage and it seems they all agree that it's " still uncertain" cause so far we had too much rain but we all have fingers crossed because a hot and dry August might turn the vintage into a good one.
It was during one of this conversation that I learnt a cool but serious rule every farmer and agronomist must know and apply at least in spring time.

The worst fungus like the "peronosphora"  has more chances to spread and affect the vineyards when three circumstances happen all at once: early morning temperature is higher than 10* centigrades, in 48 hours 10 millimeters of rains fall and vineyards are about 10 centimeters long. That's the rule of the three 10....
If it happens agronomists, farmers, wine makers they have to take care of the vineyards before the fungus spreads and although I repeatedly say that the best wine comes from the fields first and then from a chemical lab, a wise way to control the situation is to take advantage of technology and install a weather station in one good side of the property in charge of controlling temperature, humidity, rains and the circumstances under which the leaves and the grapes are developing.

All results will be sent to a computer and software and it seems an amazing help for wine makers.
I found this while my tourists where enjoying their wine time in Tuscany and if you want to check this out you might ask me to visit the winery itself and learn more during your cool wine tour in Tuscany.