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Friday, 26 December 2014

Tuscan countryside - day tours

Tuscan Countryside 

Tuscany today is not simply a name or just the translation of the italian version "Toscana", but since more than 20 years it became a  "brand" name.

Day tour - Valdorcia

The diva here is the countryside with its rolling hills, vertically soaring Cypress trees, renovated old farmhouses, medieval villages, castle ruins which made the tuscan countryside 
one of the world's most picturesque rural landscapes.

Day tour: Valdelsa

On the slopes vineyards and olive grooves stretch around giving Tuscany the worldwide reputation for typical products such as extra virgin olive oil and mostly for the red wine regions such as the Chianti and its Chianti Classico and Supetuscan wines, Montalcino and its Brunello or Montepulciano and its Nobile.

Organic farm- vineyard in Chianti 

The most popular small hilltop villages reside in the southern part of Siena and they include Pienza, Montepulciano and Montalcino but also off the beaten path hamlets few travellers would reach on their own such as Monticchiello, Montefollonico, Buonconvento. 

Montepulciano and its views

A day tour in the countryside is a great escape from the cities, from the museums and an intimate experience you cannot skip during your time in Tuscany. 

You can hire a car in the case of a stay in a country house- villa and surely for week long stays because generally speaking you will not have a supermarket or a post office down your front door, but there are with no doubts advantages in hiring a local tuscan guide with a licensed car to enjoy a day trip in the countryside: for a day the couple or the entire family-group will have a rest from the driving, the stress of finding places and reaching them on time if you reserved an activity.

Anna- tuscan wine tour guide

Everybody will be able to seat and enjoy a glass of one of the best tuscan red wines, or you can indulge in a professional wine tasting in a selected winery, have a wine tour guide on board and a specialized person sharing cultural insights and giving you a personal experience.

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