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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Educational wine tours

Educational wine tours

Since centuries, Tuscany region showed its vocation to wine making and specially red wines production as testified by the DOCG/ DOC denominations such as: Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Nobile di Montepulciano, Morellino di Scansano but also the white wine Vernaccia di San Gimignano, a younger appellation which is imposing now its reputation outside every tuscan borders!

Tuscan wine regions

After more than 25 years of our tuscan vintners' efforts, the result is the outstanding quality of the tuscan wines, very far from the stereotype idea of the so called fiasco- bottle with the straw basket around the bottom- specially Chianti was associated with.

Fiasco- the old Chianti bottle

The wine was simply fermented,  maybe aeged for a few months in old, sometimes too old chestnut, walnut barrels,  and tannins released were strong, aggressive, the bouquet of aromas was not much more than grape juice and wood!

The knowledge, the technology and the awareness of wine making changed the wine world, a new era where Italy is exporting more wines and where Tuscan wines are the best sellers.

The wine world is fascinating and is attracting more people who want to learn but wine education and wine tasting does not mean to drink no matter what or to go to hundreds wineries in a day.

It means to slowly enter the wine world by visiting wineries, meeting the winemakers, the producers and taking part to some wine tasting sessions.

Wine tasting and food pairing 

If you are spending a vacation in Italy and you come to Florence, a day tour in the tuscan wine regions is highly recommended and although a wine tour in Tuscany has to be a cool experience be sure you are in the hands of an expert wine tour guide who knows about wine regions, winemaking and wine tasting and who can help you in the selection of the wineries you will visit during a day tour.

Every tuscan has some Sangiovese grape juice in his blood stream by birth, but the technical knowledge your guide has comes from years in the wine business, professional sommelier courses, and a continuous exposure to wine producers.

Wine regions are not difficult to reach, anyway Florence and Siena are good home bases to easily reach the Chianti Classico area and enjoy a wine tasting tour.

Generally speaking Montalcino area and its Brunello wine is easier to reach from Siena also to avoid a long time in the minivan, anyway if you do not mind a longer day trip a Brunello wine tour from Florence is doable as well.

Considering that all wineries sell and ship their wines,  I like to remember that when you taste a wine you liked and you decide to ship a case back home you are not simply buying wines but you are bringing back a little bit of your tuscan experience, which sounds to me one of the main reason to buy a bottle of wine at the producers and I like to believe that once you will open your wine you will recognize some Tuscany in a bottle and you will remember your tuscan wine tour!

 Anna- your Tuscan Wine Guide
Anna- your Tuscan Wine Guide

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